Kudicom Blocks Factory

Kudicom Blocks Factory is committed to remaining on the leading edge of block production. Our modern factory is equipped with the latest technology and staffed by highly trained employees who genuinely care about every single block we make. Why? Because details matter as much to us as they do to you. This combination of technology, people, and attention to detail enables us to continue to produce high quality hollow and solid blocks without compromise.

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End result: All Asanduff blocks meet and exceed international standards.

Kudicom Blocks Factory Block Types

As experts in block production, we manufacture a number of block types — all to the highest of standards:

  • Hollow blocks
  • Solid blocks
  • Building blocks
  • Paving blocks
  • Ventilation blocks
  • Walkway slabs

Kudicom Blocks Factory manufactures blocks of different shapes and sizes. All of our products are manufactured from high quality materials using reliable manufacturing methods. Quality control is one of the keys to our success.

As an industry-recognized leader in blocks manufacturing, we’re proud of our blocks. We guarantee all of our blocks for quality, durability, and solidity for years.

Custom Blocks and Block Consulting Services

In addition to manufacturing our own genuine block products, we also offer custom block production to best meet your specific project requirements. If you require blocks of a specific design, color, type, or shape, Kudicom Blocks Factory will customize the production to meet your project’s unique requirements.

Our block consultants work with architects, designers, general contractors, project managers, and homeowners, providing guidance in selecting the right block types for their projects.

As with all other services  , Kudicom Blocks Factory is known for its exceptional customer service. In addition to offering same-day delivery, we always have a delivery truck on stand-by. Our ability to respond promptly is second-to-none.

Durability, quality, and strength are hallmarks of our blocks. Every single block we produce must pass a series of quality control tests to ensure your complete satisfaction! Contact us today for a fast and safe delivery